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Some of our

We believe that responsible travel can change the world for the better - through cultural exchange, education, and by supporting local communities. Here are just a few of our Small Change initiatives from around the world.

South Africa

Our INTRO Travel groups visit the Seminati Creche, where they donate fruit trees and plant them with the kids. We also make donations to assist in improving the school facilities, and provide supplies such as stationery, food and sports equipment.


Our groups in Bali visit a local homestay and meet Gede and his family. They learn about local Balinese life, coffee production and get to do some basket weaving. Through our continued involvement Gede and his family and the local community have benefited greatly.


Our groups visit a Karen hill tribe in Chiang Mai, where they learn from the local guide Jotaluh about the history, wildlife, culture and way of life. The visits provide a source of income for the local guides and bring many benefits to the community. 

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka we visit a Buddhist Monastery, where our groups get to meet the young monks, teach them some English and learn about their life and the local culture.


Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful parts of Thailand, where our groups visit Yoo on his organic farm. They enjoy a delicious locally grown organic meal and learn about the land, wildlife and local way of life.

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